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2024 USBA National Championship

2024 USBA National Championship

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Players’ Meeting, Wednesday April 24, 7:00PM

Dress Code: Polo Shirt Long Sleeves OR Short Sleeves (any color), Black Trousers


Venue:       The Billiard House

Address:    2549 Yosemite Blvd #B, Modesto, CA 95354

Dates:        April 25 to 28, 2024


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USBA Travel Fund Established for Players

A Travel Fund has been established to help offset the cost for USBA players to travel to international tournaments. This money will be allocated to send the top finishers from the USBA National Championship to compete in the: CPB Panamerican Championship, UMB World Championship, and UMB World Cup Tournaments, as funds are available.

A Warm Welcome to our Generous Sponsors

c2 Builders Inc. | Jesus Corona $1000.00

Royal Oaks, CA    831 818 7957

5000 Years Carom Billiards (AKA “The Billiard Room”) | Henry Ugartechea $1000.00

Morton Grove, IL    561 929 8100

Manteca Auto Body | Marcos $800.00

Manteca, CA    209 482 5226

Chuck Allen Properties | Keller Williams $500.00

Watsonville, CA   831 818 1069

College Billiards | Pedro Piedrabuena $500

San Diego, CA    619 582 4550

Jimmy’s Billiards | Jimmy $500.00

Milpitas, CA    669 236 9800

Marquez Construction | Manual Marquez $500.00

Royal Oaks, CA    831 786 6969

Nery Produce | Mauricio Osea $ 500.00

Modesto, CA    619 954 3218

Palacade Billiards | Jose Luis $500.00

San Francisco, CA   415 685 7297

RMV Electric | Ruben Mojica $500.00

Prunedale, CA    831 235 3825

San Onofre Construction | Jose Corona $500.00

Salinas, CA    831 269 9199

Silver Cue Billiards | Armando Soria $500.00

Los Angeles, CA    323 578 8367

Torres Landscaping | Leo Torres $500.00

Prunedale, CA    831 229 2273


NEW Official Player Levels for Tournament Play in effect as of February 2013

Beginning February 5, 2013 all USBA tournaments will be able to restrict players based on their Official Player level as determined by tournament play and the USBA rankings committee. Here are the new player levels:

.900 average and higher = A level 
.700-.899 average = B+ level 
.550-.699 average = B level 
.400-.549 average = C+ level 
.399 average and below = C level

The effort is just the beginning of a larger plan. As part of this motion passed by the Board of Directors, the USBA Rankings Committee will also work on the following items:

  1. Determine the best way to ensure that averages are kept at as many USBA Tournaments as possible whether that is with the new soon-to-be-released digital scoreboard/score-keeper or other method(s).
  2. Obtain documentation on players’ recorded averages in local tournaments from tournament directors around the country. The Committee will also include all recorded averages from USBA Tournaments as well.
  3. Review all players’ recorded averages over the past 3 years and also the official USBA Player Level that has been assigned for that player and make sure that the player’s recorded averages and assigned player level are consistent.
  4. If a player’s recorded averages and player level are not consistent or if there is no player level assigned, the Committee will consider their personal knowledge of what they know about a particular player and determine the player’s proper player level.
  5. In the event that the Committee is still uncertain of the level to assign, the Committee will contact a local tournament director familiar with a particular player or whoever else is more familiar with that player’s ability to determine a solution. If the Committee still cannot find a solution, then the player’s level will be left blank until more reliable information can be obtained.
  6. The Rankings Committee will adopt the rules regarding the number of tournaments or length of time that will be used in determining a player’s level in the future including the rules for whether or not a player’s level will be moved up or down.

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