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2024 USBA National Championship

2024 USBA National Championship

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Players’ Meeting, Wednesday April 24, 7:00PM

Dress Code: Polo Shirt Long Sleeves OR Short Sleeves (any color), Black Trousers


Venue:       The Billiard House

Address:    2549 Yosemite Blvd #B, Modesto, CA 95354

Dates:        April 25 to 28, 2024


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USBA Travel Fund Established for Players

A Travel Fund has been established to help offset the cost for USBA players to travel to international tournaments. This money will be allocated to send the top finishers from the USBA National Championship to compete in the: CPB Panamerican Championship, UMB World Championship, and UMB World Cup Tournaments, as funds are available.

A Warm Welcome to our Generous Sponsors

c2 Builders Inc. | Jesus Corona $1000.00

Royal Oaks, CA    831 818 7957

5000 Years Carom Billiards (AKA “The Billiard Room”) | Henry Ugartechea $1000.00

Morton Grove, IL    561 929 8100

Manteca Auto Body | Marcos $800.00

Manteca, CA    209 482 5226

Chuck Allen Properties | Keller Williams $500.00

Watsonville, CA   831 818 1069

College Billiards | Pedro Piedrabuena $500

San Diego, CA    619 582 4550

Jimmy’s Billiards | Jimmy $500.00

Milpitas, CA    669 236 9800

Marquez Construction | Manual Marquez $500.00

Royal Oaks, CA    831 786 6969

Nery Produce | Mauricio Osea $ 500.00

Modesto, CA    619 954 3218

Palacade Billiards | Jose Luis $500.00

San Francisco, CA   415 685 7297

RMV Electric | Ruben Mojica $500.00

Prunedale, CA    831 235 3825

San Onofre Construction | Jose Corona $500.00

Salinas, CA    831 269 9199

Silver Cue Billiards | Armando Soria $500.00

Los Angeles, CA    323 578 8367

Torres Landscaping | Leo Torres $500.00

Prunedale, CA    831 229 2273


USBA Rules of Conduct for all Board Members and its Officers

1) All USBA Board Members and its Officers shall not wilfully engage in any behaviour that is detrimental to the image of the USBA including:

a) behaviour at USBA Tournaments
b) behaviour at non-USBA Tournaments
c) behaviour in public at billiard-related events or gatherings

Any infraction at these aforementioned venues must be egregious; that is, it must be something serious. For example, getting upset because you missed a shot is not serious. But yelling at your opponent because they just defeated you is not acceptable. If your opponent cheated, for example, and you have a brief exchange with him/her, that might not be something that is out of the norm. That can happen with anybody. But as a Director or Officer, you must be able to keep it from getting out of control.

2) Any communication made without the permission of an Officer of the USBA or the USBA Board, public or private, that jeopardizes a sponsorship or agreement between the USBA and another company, or hurts the image of the USBA, including posts made on any public forum, such as AZ Billiards Carom Forum; phone calls; emails; etc., is an infraction of these Rules of Conduct.

3) While the Board is in discussion, whether on the Board Forum, through emails, on a teleconference or in person, all Board Members will treat each other with respect. Disagreement is normal and arguing is normal. But personal attacks are not permitted. If a Board Member of Officer gets blatantly out of hand, it is an infraction of these Rules of Conduct.

Depending on the severity of the infraction, the Board Member or Officer will be suspended for a minimum of 30 days. If the infraction is very serious, the member can be terminated. Multiple infractions are grounds for immediate termination. If the offender is not an Officer, the President can make the decision regarding suspension or termination. This can be overridden by the Board if the Board feels that the President is out of line. If the offender is an Officer, then the Board will make the decision whether to suspend or terminate the Officer.

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