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2024 USBA National Championship Scheduled for April in Modesto, CA

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2024 USBA National Championship

Venue:       The Billiard House

Address:    2549 Yosemite Blvd #B, Modesto, CA 95354

Dates:        April 25 to 28, 2024

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USBA National Championship Eligibility

All players MUST be a member of the USBA

All players must be a US resident and have resided in the US for a minimum of two years prior to the start of the tournament

Players who compete under the flag of any federation/country other than the USBA/USA in UMB or other official tournaments are not eligible

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2024 National Qualifiers

Qualifiers are being scheduled now for January through March 2024

Click Here for Information on the 2024 National Qualifiers

Schedule of National Qualifiers

January 26 to 28, 2024      Tacoma, WA         Elks Lodge #174            Link to Info     COMPLETED

January 27, 2024                Milpitas, CA         Jimmy's Billiards            Link to Info    COMPLETED

January 28, 2024                New York             Carom CafĂ© Billiards      Link to Info    COMPLETED

February 3 to 4, 2024         Modesto, CA       The Billiard House         Link to Info    COMPLETED

February 24, 2024              San Francisco      Billiard Palacade           Link to Info


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Professor-Q-Ball's National Pool & 3-Cushion News was a bi-monthly publication that delivered up to-date information on pool & 3-cushion in the US as well as select tournaments worldwide. Professor-Q-Ball provided a custom on-line version of his magazine for the USBA with a particular focus on three-cushion billiards including events, pictures and instruction. You can read past issues of the newsletter on-line or download any Issue for off-line enjoyment.

Click on any link below to open the on-line version of the PQB-USBA Newsletter for that particular year/month. The final issue was published June/July 2018. We have issues dating back to 2010. For older issues and more news about pool and billiards visit Professor-Q-Ball's website

The PQB-USBA Newsletter


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