What an exciting day for Houston's billiard community. For the first time the USBA would hold an Open Tournament attracting some of the best players in the country including current US National Champion Pedro Piedrabuena.

Twenty-eight players prepared to do battle over three days with the promise of an extremely excting final. The preliminary rounds to be played Friday and Saturday would consist of four flights of seven in round robin format. The top three from each group plus the best two 4th place finishers would advance to the finals. They will all be joiined by two lottery winners for the final group of 16. Best of all, the tournament will climax with a 16-man single elination. The prize fund includes $3000.00 added by the gracious hosts of Paris Bida, one of the premier billiard rooms in the country featuring 8 Gabriels tables. USBA tour sponsors contributed $4500.00 for a total of $7500.00 added. Here are the list of players subscribed. We will keep you updated each evening with the results. And look for our announcement about live streaming of the finals.

USBA Tour Open
Paris Bida
Houston TX
October 19-21

Players List

Mazin Shooni
Hugo Patino
Dung Nguyen
Thanh Vu
Michael Kang
Sonny Cho
Jim Shovak
Jamil Israel
Nacho Galindo
Kiet Nguyen
Joel Rivera
Lan Vo
Pedro Piedrabuena
Cong Nguyen
Ellis Lawrence
Phuc Le
Richard Ton
Jim Spears
Duc Dao
Peter Nguyen
Paul Frankel
Tom Rossman
Dung Truong
Toan Nguyen
Duy Tran
Andres Naranjo
Kim Hoang
Patrick Tran