The first round in the USBA Tour Open at Paris Bida in Houston Texas is over.

The players made some incredible shots and the crowd was held breathless as they watched the final game in the round between former US National Champion Sonny Co and local player Kim Hoang. When the final billiard was made it was an upset victory for Kim Hoang who advances to the final.

Here are the results of the first round matches and the pairings for the next round.

1st Round: Single Elimination:

Pedro Piedrabuena 30 vs. Ellis Lawrence 2
Andres Naranjo 30 vs. Jim Shovak 18
Mazin Shooni 30 vs. Peter Nguyen 15
Michael Kang 30 vs. Patrick Tran 14
Sonny Cho 27 vs. Kim Hoang 30
Hugo Patino 30 vs. Thanh Vu 17
Joel Rivera 30 vs. Dung Nguyen 19
Jamil Isreal 30 vs. Cong Nguyen 22

2nd round of 8 players now set:

Pedro Piedrabuena vs. Jamil Isreal
Andres Naranjo vs. Joel Rivera
Mazin Shooni vs. Hugo Patino
Michael Kang vs. Kim Hoang