The second (quarter-final) round at Paris is over and with it another upset victory that has electrified the room.

The semi-final round will begin with a field that includes Kim Hoang, the surprise of the tournament, a local favorite who adds Michael Kang to the list of those he has bested in this exciting event. In the other games in the round Pedro Piedrabuena and Andres Naranjo advance as expected. The final game between Mazin Shooni and Hugo Patino was another cliff-hanger. Mazin took and early lead, but watched it slip away as Hugo fought back to even at 23. Mazin took back the lead at 27-25 only to see Hugo go five and out to advance.

Here are the results of the second round matches and the pairings for the semi-final round.

2nd round of 8 players results:

Pedro Piedrabuena vs. Jamil Isreal 11
Andres Naranjo 30 vs. Joel Rivera 21
Mazin Shooni 27 vs. Hugo Patino 30 
Michael Kang 20 vs. Kim Hoang 30

3rd round (semi-final) of 4 players:

Pedro Piedrabuena vs. Kim Hoang
Andres Naranjo vs. Hugo Patino