The semi-final round is over at Paris Bida where the USBA held its first Tour Open event in the city of Houston.

The first semi-final game saw two former Colombian National Champions meet to decide who would move on to play for the 1st place prize. Hugo Patino a former US National Champion and Andres Naranjo were both in top form as the lead in the match see-sawed back and forth. The break through came when Hugo managed two late runs of four to get to 28. With Andres back at 19 the pressure took hold. After a few misses Hugo sealed the deal 30-19.

In the most exciting game so far in the tournament, Pedro Piedrabuena, the current US National Champion met Kim Hoang, a local player who performed brilliantly in the first two rounds of the single elimination final 16. Early on Kim was able to take the lead and Pedro was forced to battle back. Each time Pedro came even Kim inched away again. That pattern continued until Pedro took the lead for the first time at 16-14. Then it was Kim's turn to catch Pedro... and he did when he re-gained the lead at 19-18. But the lead for Kim was again short lived as Pedro eased ahead 23-21 after a run of 4. After a miss by Kim Pedro returned and did what he has done many times before. With a crushing run of 5 to get to 28 he put the question to Kim. Although he managed a few more points, it was not to be. Kim would have wait for another day to catch lightning in a bottle in his home town. Pedro wins it 30-25. Everyone agreed... Kim Hoang made himself and all of Houston proud as he showed his brand of skill and determination of the three cushion billiard players in Houston.

Pedro moves on to face Hugo in the final match of the tournament.

3rd round (semi-final) results:

Pedro Piedrabuena 30 vs. Kim Hoang 25
Andres Naranjo 19 vs. Hugo Patino 30