Joe Damato (2nd) - Bob Page (Winner) - Tony Ferrara (3rd)The USBA B+ Tournament at World Class Billuiards in Peabody MA proved to be an exciting event.

Eighteen players assembled for the Preliminary round.

The 18 players were divided into 3 groups of 6 playing to 20 pts.

Top 2 from each flight plus the two best 3rd place finishers advance to the finals.

The Finals were played with 8 players in a Double Elimination playing to 25 points.

The Finalists were:

Tony Ferrara
b Ferrara
Dave Van Lokeren
Dave Egdahl
Bob Page
Norman Zuluaga
Joe DeAmato
Ellis Lawrence

With some tough matches the runners up looked like this:

7th place: Dave Egdahl and Bob Ferrara

5th Place: Ellis Lawrence and Norman Zuluaga

4th place: Dave Van Lokeren

3rd Place: Tony Ferrara

And... in the Final Match between Joe DeAmato and Bob Page... Bob Page was victorious.

Flight A Preliminary Round

Flight B Preliminary Round

Flight C Preliminary Round

Placement After Preliminaries

Final Placement and Stats