Neal Olson Wins B and Mike Hutchinson Wins C

Tom Thomsen, NW Director, of the USBA reports on the action at the Hood River Elks Endorsed tournament held November 9-11, 2012.

We had 20 players in Hood River this year - 10 "B" and 10 "C". We split into two groups of "B" and "C" players and played a complete round-robin (9 games each flight).

We have 4 Brunswick tables there but they are in very good condition. Most of the players had been there many times before, but we did have 2 new players - Mike Hutchison from Portland, OR and Richard Kenney, a transplant from Washington, DC now living in Boise, ID. Four of the players were from Washington state and the rest were from Oregon.

Neal Olson went undefeated in the "B" division with a real scare from Walt Scott. Darrel Stutesman came back from 2 early losses to finish 2nd and Jerry Vandenberg finished third, beating our Ramses Verlinden on points.

In the "C" division newcomer Mike Hutchison won with only one loss beating out Mike Bradford, who also had only one loss, on points. Dave Ehlers won his last game to finish third. High run of 8 in the "B" division by Tom Thomsen and a high run of 6 in the "C" division by Bob Biggs.

Many thanks to the Hood River Elks Lodge for letting us use their facilities; we had a wondeful dinner on Saturday night put on by the Lodge and had lunches on all three days. Sunday they had 130 veterans show up for a Veterans Day breakfast at the Lodge.

This was an Endorsed event so we had seven non-USBA members pay an extra $10 to the USBA.

Here are pictures of the cross tables. Please note... In the NW we always call our below .500 players "B" players and above .500 "A" players; that is why the pictures are labeled "A" and "B".