Women Three Cushion World ChampionshipEster Park In Action

The Women’s 3-Cushion World Championship in Tokyo, Japan, opened on November 21 with the preliminary rounds. The 16 players have been placed in four groups of four. Games are played to 25 in equal innings.

In Group A, reigning champion Orie Hida of Japan stood at 1-1, with a surprising loss coming against Namiko Hayashi, also of Japan, by the score of 25-13. Karina Jetten is 2-0, while Hayashi is 1-1, having suffered a 25-24 loss to Jetten.

In Group B, the favorite, Therese Klompenhouwer of the Netherlands, stood at 1-0-1, with a victory over Monique Van Hamond of the Netherlands and a tie with Ji Hyun Park. Park was also 1-0-1. Also playing well was Kazumi Hida of Japan, with a victory over Van Hamond and a 25-22 loss to Park.

In Group C, Ester Park of the United States defeated Gsen Degener of Turkey 25 to 11. Park then dropped a 25 to 11 game to Yuko Nishimoto of Japan. Park still has to play Akyaka Fukomoto of Japan, who sports a 1-1 record, defeating Degener (25-24) but losing to Nishimoto (25-23). Nishimoto, at 2-0, leads the Group.

In Group D, Su Ah Park is out in front, with a 2-0 record. Natsumi Higashiuchu of Japan and Marianne Mortensen of Denmark have 1-1 records.

Grand averages are down. Orie Hida leads all players with a .883 average, followed by Hayashi’s .859. Klompenhouwer is averaging .632. Ester Park has a .486 average. Several players are tied with the high run of 6.

Play continues on November 22 at the Kasumi Plaza Hall.

The Groups:

Group A

Orie Hida (JP)
Karina Jetten (NL)
Namiko Hayashi (JP)
Kyung Hui Oh (KR)

Group B

Therese Klompenhouwer (NL)
Ji Hyun Park (KR)
Kazumi Hida (JP)
Monique Van Hamond (NL)

Group C

Ester Park (US)
Gsen Degener (TR)
Ayaka Fukumoto (JP)
Yuko Nishimoto (JP)

Group D

Su Ah Park (KR)
Natsumi Higashiuchu (JP
Marianne Mortensen (DK)
Helga Mitterbock (AT)

For more complete results, go to http://worldchampionshipladies-3cushion.net.