The first qualifier for the 2013 USBA three-cushion national tournament is over, and several more are on the horizon. The USBA has issued its formal notice to room owners and tournament directors about holding a qualifier. A link to the notice appears below. If anyone wants to hold a qualifier, contact Jim Shovak, USBA Secretary/Treasurer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 516 238 6193). For more information on the 2013 nationals, go to the tournament page.

To: Room Owners and Tournament Directors

Re: National Qualifiers

This is a formal announcement to all room owners and tournament directors regarding Qualifiers for the USBA National Championship in April of 2013.

Benefits of Holding a Qualifier: If you wish to change your billiard table cloth, Simonis will provide a significant discount. In addition, the USBA will reimburse you half the cost of the cloth, providing that there are 5 players for each table at the Qualifier. In other words, if you have 5 players at the qualifier, the USBA will reimburse you half the cost of one cloth. If you have 10 players and at least 2 newly-recovered tables, the USBA will reimburse you half the cost of 2 cloths. If you have 10 newly-recovered tables and 50 players in the qualifier, you get half the cost of 10 cloths.

Conditions for Reimbursement: After your Qualifier is finished, you will need to send several items to the Secretary for approval.

  1. Receipt of cloth purchase from Simonis
  2. $300.00 per qualifying player from the qualifying tournament
  3. $10.00 USBA sanction fee for each player who entered the qualifier
  4. $50 USBA Membership Dues or $25 non-member tournament fee from each non-member
  5. Completed Membership Applications for new/renewing members

These items must be received by the secretary within 2 weeks of the finish of your Qualifier. If these items are not received within that time frame, the tournament will not be sanctioned by the USBA, and the players who “qualified” will no longer be qualified into the National Championship event. In addition, the USBA will not reimburse you for cloth. Please follow-through and collect monies from all who owe and forward it to the Secretary in a timely manner to avoid problems.

Only accept cash at the tournament and send a check made out to “USBA” to:

Jim Shovak/USBA Secretary
58 Hawthorne Avenue
East Islip, NY 11730

If you desire to hold a Qualifier, you will need to obtain permission/approval from the Secretary. He can be contacted at 516-238-6193 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you wish your Qualifier to be advertised in the Professor-Q-Ball publication, the deadline to notify us is January 15, 2013. All Qualifiers must be completed by March 3, 2013.

How many players can you send to the Nationals?

The minimum number of players for a Qualifier is 5. One person out of 5 can be sent to the Nationals. The USBA needs to receive $300.00 for the qualifying player along with $10.00 sanction fee for each of the 5 players, plus appropriate dues/fees, if applicable.

If you have 10 players, you can send 2 to the Nationals. With 15 players, you can send 3 to the Nationals. With 20 players, you can send 4. With every additional 5 players, you can send one more.

A typical entry fee to a Qualifier is $135.00, to cover the $10 sanction fee and the $25 non-member tournament fee, with $100 going towards the $500 prize for each qualifying player. However, you can make the entry fee whatever you wish. Typically, the person that qualifies receives $200 cash at the Qualifier and $300 is sent to the USBA to cover his/her entry fee for the Nationals.

Please contact me with questions or tournament date possibilities.


Jim Shovak
USBA Secretary/Treasurer