A LevelThe USBA has Adopted NEW Official Player Levels for Tournament Play

Beginning immediately all USBA tournaments will be able to restrict players based on their Official Player level as determined by tournament play and the USBA rankings committee. Here are the new player levels:

B PLus.900 average and higher = A level
.700-.899 average = B+ level
.550-.699 average = B level
.400-.549 average = C+ level
.399 average and below = C level

The effort is just the beginning of a larger plan. As part of this motion passed by the Board of Directors, the USBA Rankings Committee is hereby instructed to convene and work on the following items:

BLevel1) Come up with a method to ensure that averages are kept at as many USBA Tournaments as possible whether that is with the new soon-to-be-released digital scoreboard/score-keeper or other method(s).

2) Obtain documentation on players’ recorded averages in local tournaments from tournament directors around the country. Along with that, the Committee will include all recorded averages from USBA Tournaments as well.

3) Review all players’ recorded averages over the past 3 years and also the official USBA Player Level that has been assigned for that player and make sure that the player’s recorded averages and assigned player level are consistent.

C Plus level4) If a player’s recorded averages and player level are not consistent or if there is no player level assigned, the Committee will then discuss what they know personally about that player and determine the player’s proper player level.

5) If the Committee is unsure, the Committee will contact the local tournament director for that player or whoever is more familiar with that player’s ability and come up with a solution. If the Committee still cannot find a solution, then the player’s level will be left blank until more reliable information has been obtained.

C Level6) The Rankings Committee will adopt the rules regarding the number of tournaments or length of time that will be used in determining a player’s level in the future including the rules for whether or not a player’s level will be moved up or down.