KenHigginsResults of Ken Higgins Memorial 3-cushion Tournament

Reported by Tommy Thomsen, USBA NW Director

Our combination "B" & "C" tournament was held at the Medford Elks Lodge in Medford, Oregon March 1 – 3, 2013. We had 16 sign-ups but only 14 showed up.

There were 6 "B" players and 8 "C" players. Two flights of 7 players each were used with 3 "B" players and 4 "C" players in each all playing a complete round-robin. The 2 top finishers from each flight went to a 4-man round-robin.


In the Red flight Marc Smith and Joe Brisson were the winners in the "B" division while Mark Williams and Dave Ehlers were winners in the "C" division. In the Blue flight Jesus Quinonez and Raye Raskin won the "B" division and J R Greenlee and Alfred Wenzl were the winners in the "C" division.

In the finals J R Greenlee won the "C" division while Mark Williams was 2nd, Dave Ehlers was 3rd and Alfred Wenzl was 4th.

In the "B" finals Jesus Quinonez was 1st, Raye Raskin 2nd, Joe Brisson 3rd, and Marc Smith 4th. Jesus Quinonez had high run of 8 in the "B" division and Alfred Wenzl had the high run of 5 in the "C" division.

A great thank you to the Elks Lodge and Mike Conte, ER.

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Red Flight 




C Finals


B Finals