CaromBooksSponsor600wideThe USBA is proud to introduce Carombooks to the American billiard public. Founded by Daniel Zimmerman in 2012, Carombooks e-publishes billiard books for the iPad.

Zimmerman, a 56-year-old professional classical guitarist who lives in Biel, Switzerland, is the CEO of carombooks. He is a billiard enthusiast who plays mostly the small games, straight rail and balkline. His company was born one day when he noticed all the billiard books he had amassed. He had 20 to 30 books that weighed over 40 pounds (20kg) and would fill a small suitcase. "When the iPad was introduced I had the vision to bring billiard books not only as a digital copy onto a portable device," Zimmerman recently explained, "but use all the advantages of the new technology and enrich the books with videos, explanations, 3D-models etc. and make the whole thing easy to use."

To fulfill his vision he soon began contacting the authors of some of the more notable works, including Xavier Gretillat, Laurent Guénet, Stéphane Nole and Andreas Efler. All of the authors enthusiastically agreed to work with Zimmerman to edit, adapt and expand their books for the iPad community. The first book was e-published in September 2012. Since then Zimmerman continues to steadily expand the available library, which currently includes books in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. For more information on Carombooks, click on any Carombooks advertisement on the USBA website or go to

 Daniel Zimmerman founder and CEO Carombooks