VictorCuzzi-fullDoral Billiards in Doral, Florida (just outside of Miami) put together an impromptu USBA Handicapped Tournament. For this tournament, Carlos Hallon went to 25 points, 6 players went to 20 points and 1 player went to 17 points.

With only 8 players, the tournament was played as a round-robin and Victor Cuzzi came out on top with a perfect 7-0 record. Alfonso Torres came in 2nd with a 5-2 record and Carlos Hallon squeezed out 3rd place, going 4-3. Jairo Lenis and Mercedes Gonzales also went 4-3 claiming 4th and 5th places, respectively. Trailing the field was Sergio Hernandez, Roger Sequia and Andres Fernandez.

Victor took the first place prize of $550 along with $95 for his high run of 8. Victor is also the Southeast Region Director for the USBA. Alfonso Torres earned $400 for 2nd place and Carlos Hallon earned $250 for third. Doral Billiards added $250 to the prize fund which was matched 50% by the USBA Sponsors, adding another $125 to the total.

Charts and results can be found by clicking here!

If you would like to hold a USBA Handicap Tournament in your room, please contact USBA Secretary, Jim Shovak at 516-238-6193 or by email.