Top 3 finsihers in Mike Kelley Memorial TournamentMike Kelley Memorial a great success!

The warm weather brought 18 players to Marshalltown for the 8th Annual Mike Kelley Memorial Tournament. 3 flights of 6 made up the prelims with George Ashby, Lupe Cruz and Fred Lamers seeded into separate flights.

Prelims were to 25 points. Diamonds flight highlights included Fred's 19 inning game including a 7 run. Fred had a flight average of .831. John Jacobson edged out Fred by 2 to win the flight.

Hearts flight had Lupe Cruz dominating everyone except for his brother Jose. Lupe wins the flight with a .723 average and a best game of 25 in 15 innings with the help of a 10 run! Jose takes the second spot.

George Ashby sails through the Clubs flight with a .984 average a couple 8's and best game of 1.316. 2nd place was a hard fought battle between Gary Eake and John Langhoff with Gary leaving John in the 2-hole.

The Finals was a dogfight with the top 3 having one loss.

It was a great tournament with many sponsors. I would like to thank the Kelley Family for the food and hospitality along with the cash donations; Kelcey at Bens Tire, the Blue Note Lounge, Mike's Bikes, Old Timer Tavern, The UAW and RJ's!!!! Thanks!!!!! Table time was donated by Miranda at The Blue Note Lounge and Bob Jacobson. Thanks to Jim Shovak and all those at the USBA who added the matched $.

For the complete result charts Click Here!

See you in November!!