Election ResultsThe quadrennial election for USBA board members concluded on December 31, 2013. Based on the USBA constitution, as amended in 2013, the membership elected seven board members:

Steve Andersen
Ricardo Carranco
Victor Cuzzi
Pedro Piedrabuena
Mazin Shooni
Jim Shovak
Jim Watson

In the next few days, the newly-elected board members will choose from among themselves who will act as president, secretary and treasurer during the four-year term of office. Once this is accomplished, the new board will assume the leadership of the USBA, and the old board will step down.

The USBA congratulates the new board members and thanks all of the candidates. Voter participation was very strong, and each of the candidates made a strong showing.

The USBA also extends its thanks to the outgoing board members: Doug Deitel, Merrill Hughes, Andy Janquitto, Juan Elizalde Sauz, Raye Raskin, Felipe Razon and Tommy Thomsen.

Certified Election Results - Click Here!