SBE pqb results of race to 5

Thanks to Mr. Paul Frankel and Mr. Tom Paley for great effort to make this happen.

Professor-Q-Ball's (Paul Frankel) planned and organized sponsors, Mr. Paley spent enormous time to manage timeline and relationships with young players.

We had 'Race to 3, Challenge the Champion' program. Player pay $10 and gets the break, if player wins, gets Hanbat billiard cue. 68 players participated, 17 cues awarded.

Also in the 3 evenings, 'Race to 5, Open tournament', $20 entry fee, single elimination. Total of 66 players, Professor Q-Ball and IBS added $440

Not official, but I have to say this. Next year at the Expo, we will have a special and never been tournament. Winner takes the table. Sunday tournament winner will get the table. Paul and Tom will set up the details.

Yura & Paul copy

IBS Open winners- Sponsored by Yura (Nothing But Billiards)

April 16th Thursday

18 players - $150 added

Winner Joe DeAmato $300

Chulwon Kantg: $140

Mazin Shooni: $70 

Bonus for “Break & Runout”

Sponsored by John Palmer of On The Level Billiards

Mazin Shooni Break & Run Bonus $100

April 17th Friday

25 players - $140 added

1st  Xavier Romero: $360

2nd Chris Bartzos: $200

3rd  Arturo Reyes: $80

April 18th Saturday

25 players - $150 added

1st  Eric Kwon: $350

2nd Tony Martzakis: $200

3rd Chris Bartzos: $100