SBE pqb Challenge Match

Mike Dechaine and Mazin Shooni win the team challenge match at the Super Billiard Expo.

Professor-Q-Ball Promotions held several special events in 3-cushion billiards at the 23rd annual Super Billiards Expo April 16-19. Two Gabriel’s Imperator tables were brought in to do the events and set up by master mechanic Yura Ra. (Yura’s Nothing But Billiards).

The highlight event was a Team Challenge Match. The players for the event were Shane Van Boening and Mike Dechaine, both well known pool players and Mazin Shooni and Hugo Patiño, both previous National 3-Cushion Champions. The pairing for the event was Dechaine and Shooni against Van Boening and Patino.

The format was Scotch doubles (alternating shots) in a race to 30 pts. The match was close with neither team having a clear advantage in the early part of the match. The score seesawed back and forth until tied at 20 points all. Then Dechaine and Shooni started to pull away winning the match with a final score of 30-23.

sbe photo