We had an interesting tournament this year at the NW Invitational Elks Billiard Tournament, held at the Tacoma Elks Club. We tried 15 Point Games, race to two wins. Because we were unsure of the time elements, we limited the field to 14 players. This turns out to be the ideal field for players of our range   ( .350-1.00), using four tables. Half of the Matches went two games, which means half went three games. We had set up the tournament to play the first game of each Match then proceed to play the second, and third if required, however, at the players meeting on Friday the group decided they would like to play three complete Matches each day. This caused delays between games and some consternation amongst those who had to wait. If we do this again, it will be fewer points per game, or play the first game through the flights as originally planned to keep everyone actively playing.



High-Run prizes were awarded to both C and B/above players (photo attached),  Matt Lind won the C High-Run with a 5; while Monty Rodriguez won the B/above with a 7 run. Note that a 7 is almost half the game!

The Finals were made up of the top two finishers in each of two flights. Red Flight included Ertan Tarhan and Mark Sullivan, the Blue Flight brought Jesus Quinonez and Montezuma (Monty) Rodriguez. First Place was Jesus Quinonez, Second Place Ertan Terhan, Third Place Mark Sullivan, and Fourth Place went to Monty Rodriguez. We paid four places so everyone in the finals cashed (see attached photo).

This was not a USBA Tournament as it has been a traditional Elks tournament for over 50 years. The field for Elks players has been diminishing over the years so we have opened this tournament up to Elks and invited guests. We want to invite players from all over the USA to join us for the Mike Fahey Memorial USBA Tournament August 5th through August 7th at the Tacoma Elks Club. The flyer for the tournament will be out shortly, come on out and join us.

Thanks to all those who made this tournament possible and those who worked to make it run smoothly!

Tim Poole
Tournament Director