Simonis 300 Rapide is more controllable on the bed than synthetic cloth, perfect for games in which precision is a must. Simonis 300 Rapide gives the player maximum control over the game.

While it’s a very thin cloth, the Simonis 300 Rapide bed cloth is thicker with a higher density than synthetic cloth, creating a quieter table that accumulates less chalk dirt. Synthetic cloth on the bed is paper-thin, which in addition to any imperfections already in this cloth makes every imperfection in the slate immediately visible.

Heating isn’t just necessary for Simonis 300 Rapide, it’s necessary for all brands of carom cloth because the slate also absorbs humidity. Heating Simonis 300 Rapide on a low setting is no problem, as long as Aramith billiard balls and high quality rubber cushions are used. Heating also adds comfort for players, who are after all in continuous contact with the table. A cold table feels unpleasant. Not only that, an unheated table has the disadvantage of being noisier and less manageable. Extensive lab testing reveals that Simonis 300 Rapide is seven times more durable on the bed than synthetic cloth (tested to Martindale ISO 12947 standards). In other words, Simonis 300 Rapide cloth lasts longer. The same research reveals that on the bed, Simonis 300 Rapide is 3 to 5 times more color fast than synthetic cloth. In other words, the color of synthetic cloth “disappears” 3 to 5 times faster, increasing the risk that balls are sullied quicker through the released dye. Simonis 300 Rapide thus remains visually attractive for much longer than synthetic cloth. This also keeps the player from being distracted by color differences on the table.

Measurements taken during the same research reveal that the friction coefficient (of the balls on the cloth) is lower for the 300 Rapide than for synthetic cloth. Effectively this means that the 300 Rapide is therefore a touch faster than synthetic cloth.

The lab test cited in the last 3 points is a test in which actual playing conditions are simulated.