What is rarely seen, the United States has sent two players to compete in the 2016 UMB World Championship of 3-Cushion Billiards. Pedro Piedrabuena by way of his ranking as the world's number 17 player is joined by dual USBA National Champion and Pan-American Champion Hugo Patino to vie for the coveted title. The event runs from November 15-19 and is held for the second year in a row in Bordeaux, France.


Joining Hugo and Pedro in the role of Tournament Director is our own Charles Brown. Kozoom. the tournament organizer tapped Charles for his years of experience directing the USBA National Championships and the annual Verhoeven Open Tournament held at Carom Cafe in Flushing, New York.








Results from the Preliminary Rounds:

Hyung Kon Kim (Korea) defeats Hugo Patino 40-25 in 28 innings. Hugo struggled, missing many shots he usually makes.

Marc Boingneres (France) defeats Pedro Pierabuena 40-34 in 27 innings. Pedro had the early lead but Boingneres, relatively unkknown outside of France, ran ahead just before the break and held on till the end.

Both Pedro and Hugo lose their first match and must win big in their next game to have any hopes of advancing.

Day Two of the Prelims:

Marco Zanetti (Italy) defeats Hugo Patino 40-32 in 25 innings. Hugo was only slightly sharper than yesterday, but not enough to beat the Italian former World Champion! With his second loss Hugo exits the tournament.

Heang Jik Kim (Korea) won his match against Pedro Piedrabuena 40-16 in 18 innings. The Korean champion ran 10 in what was a frustrating performance for Pedro. And as his compatriot, with a second loss Pedro exits the tournament as well.

The remainder of the evert including the completion of the preliminaries and the 16-man knock-out phase is Live-Streamed for Premium Pass members on Kozoom.com. Re-plays are also available for key games.

For complete coverage through the final match visit our International News Sponsor 3CushionBilliards.com

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