You don't have to be an A player... you don't even need to be a B player! If you want to spend a great afternoon playing billiards you could win some pretty good money as a C player. That's right... Carom Cafe sponsors a Sub-500 Level Tournament giving C-level or outright beginners a chance to play the game, learn the game and take home some cash. And the great atmosphere and comeraderie of Carom Cafe only adds to the experience. Click to see the results of the Sub-500 tournament held on November 27.

2016 USBA Sub .500 Level Tournament at Carom Cafe

Carom Cafe Billiards - November 27, 2016

Nine players entered the event playing round robin in two groups and then a knock-out round for the finals. The entry fee was $75.00. USBA membership is required.

Results and Charts (click to view):

Group A Preliminaries

Group B Preliminaries

The Finals

  • 1st Place - James Cho $275.00
  • 2nd Place - Kaya Bayramoglu $175.00
  • 3rd Place - Dave Hernandez $100.00
  • 4th Place - John Guldali $75.00
  • High Run - John Guldali $5.00

Thanks to Charles Brown for running the tournament and providing the results charts.