For sixty consecutive years the Northwest Open has been held originating out of the Elks Club in Portland, Oregon. The organizers decided to combine that venerable event with another popular tournament the Mike Fahey Memorial for 2017. The result was a rousing success that signals three cushion billiard players can look forward to many more years of great tournaments in the Pacific Northwest. Dave Ehlers received top honors from Tim Poole.

By combining the NW Open with the Mike Fahey event this year the tournament organizers hoped to get a good turnout for both. With 24 entries, (but losing just one due to injury) the organizers were happy with their success. Here are the results of the Annual Mike Fahey Memorial NW Open USBA Handicap Tournament as submitted by Tim Poole:

"We had three flights with the top two from each going into a round robin final on Sunday. We used the USBA suggested handicaps and added the spot to the string during the flights. The score-sheets reflect that, except for the finals where we played to the handicap without spot. The interesting thing was that all but one player played at or below their handicap, and that player who played above, won the Tournament. Congratulations to Dave Ehlers for a Great Performance! Second place went to Monty Rodriguez, third to Tim Poole, fourth Mark St Angelo, firth Rudy Vigil, sixth Daniel Vaughn. High Run in flight play went to Monty Rodriguez with a 6.

We want to thank our Elks Billiard Chairman Ed Brasfield for keeping us focused on the schedule, Ralph Miller (Doc) and Tommy Ducharme for effective management of the event and Mac McInroy for his early rising to deep clean all the tables. We played on four Verhoven tables with two year old cloth and one year old Preci-shot Rail Cloth, and new balls. Everyone thought the tables played very well, and long.

A shout-out goes to those who traveled between 400 and 2000 miles to join us. Matt Lind, Mark St Angelo, Walt Scott, J. R. Greenlee, Alfred Wenzl, Marc Smith and Rudy Vigil. Harvey Wixman and Dan Vaughn also traveled from out of State. We love to have people come from all over to play!!

Thanks to all,

Tim Poole"

The USBA wants to thank Tim Poole for sending in the story, the players for their enthisaism and competitive spirit and the entire team up in the Pacific Northwest who keep 3-cushion billiards alive and thriving. Great job everyone!