The 2017 USBA Verhoeven Open Tournament was won by Jae Ho Cho of Korea. Eddie Leppens of Belgium was second. Dani Sanchez of Spain took third and Semih Sayginer of Turkey rounded ou the top four.

The event was held August 7-13 at Carom Cafe in Flushing New York. Charles Brown was once again the Tournament Director. Kozoom Live-Streamed all 11 tables including a special stream for the TV table.

Final results for all qualification rounds (stages 1 & 2) and all the deciding games in the main event (16-man knockout format) can be viewed from the links that follow.

Click to view: Final Results 22 Qualification Groups (Stage 1)

Click to view Final Results 8 Semi-Final Groups (Stage 2)

Click to view Final Results - 1/8 Final Round Main Event (Round of 16)

Click to view Final Results - 1/4, Semi & Final Rounds Main Event (All deciding games)

Clic to view 2017 Verhoeven Open - Final Ranking Top 16 Finishers

Click to view the complete Results Archive for format, group draws in qualfication rounds, playoff match results and original schedules hosted by our friends at

Thanks to Kozoom for live-stream and replays. Thanks to 3CushionBilliards for hosting results archive. Thanks to Charles Brown, Tournament Director.