The 6th Annual Bob and Marti Tracy USBA Sponsored B/B+; C/C+ Tour Event was held at the Ashland, OR Elks Lodge September 29-October 1st. Wow ! We attracted 35 players, including 18 B’s and 17 C’s. We put them in 5 Flights of 7 mixed B/B/ The winner of each Flight went to the Finals. The C/C= Player with the best record in each Flight went to the C/C+ Finals. Both finals were Round-Robin Format. All players in the finals were in the money. Pictured above B winner Cesar Cardoza (L) and C Winner Bernie Pettipiece (R).

We want to mention this event was fortunate to receive a $3000 gift from the Bob and Marti Tracy Trust, and we also thank the USBA for send the matching funds to make this a great event. This was by far the most competitive tournament to date in Ashland. Thanks to the Elks and everyone who helped make this run smoothly.


Red Flight: Cesar Cardoza defeated last year’s champion and wend undefeated in a 25-23 thriller.J R Greenlee advanced in the C’s

White Flight: Ertan Tarhan went undefeated while averaging .949. Rudy Vigil advanced in the C’s

Purple Flight: Lalo Avila went undefeated defeating our May Tournament Champion Robert Spicknall 25-22. Bob Hilton had a great tournament and advanced in the C’s

Green Flight: Homero Landa, lost to Ramses Verlinden , who averaged .670 but ran into Alfred Wenzl who advanced in the C’s

Blue Flight: Antonio Rivera went 5-1 to finish first over Mark Hanson and Galen Lee who both finished 4-1. Berine Pettipiece advanced to the C Finals and had a great tournament.

B Finals:

It was crazy! Landa beats Cardoza, Cardoza defeats Tarhan, Tarhan beats Landa. And the winner is: Cardoza with a 3-1 record!!

1st Cesar Cardoza 3-1
2nd Ertan Tarhan 2-2
3rd Homero Landa 2-2
4th Edwardo Avila 2-2
5th Antonio Rivera 1-3

C Finals:

Extremely competitive, every game could have gone the other way. Hilton beats Pettipiece; Pettipiece beats Greenlee; Greenlee beats Hilton. And the Winner is Pettipiece with a 3-1 record

1st Bernie Pettipiece 3-1
2nd  R Greenlee 3-1
3rd Bob Hilton 2-5
4th Rudy Vigil 1-3
5th Alfred Wenzl 1-3

We had players from Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, 7 from Washington, 11 from the Bay Area, 3 from way out there in Oregon,2 from Portland, 1 each from San and Sacramento, and 7 from the Ashland area, 4 of which reached to C Finals!!

High Run went to Edwardo Avila with an 8 run in the B Division and Bob Hilton also won $50 for his run of 7 in the C Division.

A special thanks to those who helped out at the scoring table , especially Alice and Tommy Thomsen. Also thanks to the Elks Lodge for hosting this event, including the employees and volunteers who made it so wonderful.

Marc Smith
Tournament Director and Billiard Chairman
Pictured below: Tim Poole, Max Fisher, Don Dayan, and Darrel Stutesman