The 2018 USBA National Qualifier Season is underway. As the events take place, and the results come in, we will update the information in this article with charts, pictures and stories. Click the read more below to see the winners, charts and pictures for the events completed so far.

Super Billiards Expo - Oaks, Pennsylvania - April 12-15, 2018

Four Qualified

Joe DeAmato

Paul Frankel

James Richardson

Christian Portilla


US Bida - Houston Texas - Sunday March 25, 2018

One Qualified

Ahmet Utku Ozan


Europa Billiards - Boynton Beach Florida - Sunday March 4, 2018

Three Qualified:

Jose Giraldo

Jim Bishop

Alfonso Torres

Burbank Elks - Burbank California - March 3-4, 2018

Two Qualified:

Khalil Diab 

Adrian Renteria


Tacoma Elks - Tacoma Washington March 2-4, 2018

We had only 13 players entered and were only able to qualify two for the National Championships to be held in Tuscon, AZ in May. First Place went to Jesus Quinonez who played a great tournament. Second Place finish went to Mark Sullivan who also played well, after not being active for the last year. Congratulations to both Players who will represent all of us in the Pacific Northwest in the Nationals!

There were two high runs awards in the prelims, Monty Rodriguez had an 8 and Jesus Quinonez ran a 7! The prelims were played to 30 points and the finals were played to 25 points to save time on Sunday.

Thanks go to Ed Brasfield, Ralph Miller, Tom Ducharme, and Mac McInroy for their hard work and making the experience enjoyable to all. Special thanks to Mark St Angelo for coming all the way from New Mexico!

Winner: Jesus Quinonez

Also qualified: Mark Sullivan


Carom Cafe Billiards - Flushing New York - Saturday March 3, 2018

Winner Tae Kyu Lee

Also qualified: Michael Kang