Boasting the largest prize fund ever in a 3-cushion event, (more than $600,000) and the largest single first place prize, ($150,000) the McCreery Champion of Champions Tournament runs from August 5-11, 2018. Former US and Pan-American champions Pedro Piedrabuena and Hugo Patino will play beside nine former world champions (and one four-time world junior champion.)

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McCreery 3-Cushion Champion of Champions Groundbreaking Event to Shake the World of Billiards

New York - July 30, 2018.  The inaugural “McCreery 3-Cushion Champion of Champions” event, an exciting and innovative 3-cushion billiards tournament, will begin on Sunday, August 5, 2018, and run through Saturday, August 11, 2018.  Over the course of these seven days, twelve of the most accomplished billiard champions in the world will compete in a round robin event.

The UMB launches most prestigious tournament in three-cushion history and introduces innovative technological developments.

Organized and sanctioned by the Union Mondiale de Billiard (UMB), the “McCreery 3-Cushion Champion of Champions” will showcase 69 matches introducing never-before-seen technology from ESB Labs that will allow for in-depth, real-time insights into the game. Technological innovations include billiard tables equipped with sensors on the surface and in the rails, powerful officiating tools that enable complex and detailed review, new sports data monitoring systems, and high frame rate cameras. The players will compete for over $600,000 in prize money in this most prestigious three-cushion tournament in history.  The live broadcast of the tournament will feature commentary by Kurt Ceulemans, son of the legendary Raymond Ceulemans, and Jeanette Lee, an American professional pool player known throughout the world as the legendary “Black Widow.”

Through the official tournament website: and the UMB’s official media partner’s website, Kozoom, at: the action will be live streamed to fans of the sport around the world with updated tournament results, live scores, and information about the players.

The Field of Players
Torbjörn Blomdahl (Sweden) 5 time World Three-Cushion Champion
Frédéric Caudron (Belgium) 3 time World Three-Cushion Champion
Raymond Ceulemans (Belgium) 21 time World Three-Cushion Champion
Sung-Won Choi (South Korea) 1 time World Three-Cushion Champion
Dick Jaspers (The Netherlands) 3 time World Three-Cushion Champion
Haeng-Jik Kim (South Korea) 4 time World Three-Cushion Junior Champion
Eddy Merckx (Belgium) 2 time World Three-Cushion Champion
Hugo Patiño (USA) 2 time Panamerican Three-Cushion Champion
Pedro Piedrabuena (USA) 3 time Panamerican Three-Cushion Champion
Daniel Sánchez (Spain) 4 time World Three-Cushion Champion
Semih Sayginer (Turkey) 1 time World Three-Cushion Champion
Marco Zanetti (Italy) 2 time World Three-Cushion Champion

Tournament Format
The McCreery 3-Cushion Champion of Champions Tournament will feature a round robin format in which all 12 competitors will have the opportunity to face each other. At the conclusion of the round robin, the top four players will advance to the semifinals with the winner of each semifinal match playing in the championship match on August 11, 2018.

The tournament is named in honor of Wayman C. McCreery (1851 – 1901), highly regarded as one of the most accomplished amateurs in the late 1800’s. He developed three-cushion billiards as a separate and distinct discipline for tournament match-play.

UMB (Union Mondiale de Billiard) is the world governing body for carom billiards and a member of the WCBS (World Conference of Billiard Sports).