USBA Has 27 Players in World Cup!

A last-minute cancellation by nine Vietnamese billiard players opened up spots in the Las Vegas World Cup for the USBA to fill via its March 26 qualifying tournament. The cancellation, a result of Visa issues related to Covid-19, enabled the USBA to expand the prize for the March 26 tournament from four to ten inscriptions to the World Cup.

With the additional positions, twenty-seven USBA players have secured the right to play in the World Cup, which begins March 27 and ends on April 2.

The current list of USBA players who will participate in the World Cup:

Organizer’s wild cards

Pedro Piedrabuena
Hugh Patiño

USBA 2021 Nationals

Tae Kyu Lee
Young Kyu Lee
Edward Gomez
John Park
Miguel Torres
Kang Lee
Eric Kwan

March 25 qualifier

Guillermo Sosa
Chang Pyun
Carlos Mario Villegas
Young Gull Lee
Bilal Khalifa
Vicke Pineda
Ertan Tarhan
Ho Ahn

March 26 qualifier

Seung Kwon Hong
Jose Delatorre
Youn Ha Choi
Ricardo Carranco Jr.
Sand Hoon Jeong
Olegario Gonzales
Jovanny Ceballos
Miguel Almaraz
Jesus Corona
Jorge Hernan Patarroyo


In addition, four USBA players have been placed on the wait list: Quoc Vo, Ivan Rosales, Julian Banol Molina, and Henry Ugartechea.

The World Cup is being held at the Rio-All Suite Hotel and Casino and is sponsored by Predator. Results of the Las Vegas World Cup will be posted on the UMB website. Matches can be viewed on YouTube on the Five& Six channel.

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