The US Sends Three Players to Compete at World Championship in Ankara!

Pedro JD DF5A1998

Pedro Piedrabuena, 12 time US National Champion. photo: Jonathan Damian

The 75th World Championship 3-Cushion will be held in Ankara, Turkey from September 6 thru 10 and three US players will participate: Pedro Piedrabuena, Hugo Patiño, and Carlos Mario Villegas. All three secured their spot by finishing in the top 8 at the Panamerican Championships in Argentina back in June; Hugo’s loss came in the quarterfinals, Pedro won over Carlos Mario 40-34 in the semifinals and ended up finishing 2nd overall.

Hugo JD DF5A0987

Hugo Patino, 4 time US National Champion. photo: Jonathan Damian


The Groups at the World Championship in Ankara for the US Players

Group C

Marco Zanetti

Mohamed Abdin

Hugo Patiño


Group J

Jeremy Bury

Pedro Piedrabuena

Carlos Mario Villegas

CarlosMario JD DF5A1561

Carlos Mario Villegas. photo: Jonathan Damian


At the 2023 National Championship Pedro and Hugo finished 1st and 2nd but Carlos Mario finished out of the top 8. But back in 2022, again it was Pedro finishing 1st with Carlos Mario 3rd and Hugo finishing out of the top 8. Also, in the Spring of 2023 Carlos Mario advanced to the Main Tournament in the Las Vegas World Cup. There is a new group of excellent talent emerging in the US of which Carlos Mario Villegas is one to watch.

All the best to the US players in Ankara!


UMB World Championship 3-Cushion

September 06–10, 2023

TBF International Billiards Complex, Ankara, Turkey