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The Billiard Archive is Now Open

Michael Shamos’s collection of billiard articles and artifacts has found a beautiful home on the internet. The Billiard Archive ( opened on September 1, 2023. It contains nearly 24,000 catalogued and searchable items in more than 40 languages, including books, articles, posters, and photographs. Mr. Shamos, the author of over 700 articles and books on pocket and carom billiards, gives some simple instructions on the website’s use: “To get started, go to the home page, click the magnifying glass icon at the top left and you will be taken to the search page. Then type anything you want in the search box and hit enter. Have fun!” 

Link to The Billiard Archive


Sticker for the BFUSA found through a search on The Billiard Archive. Founded in 1966, the BFUSA (Billiard Federation of the USA) was a precursor to the USBA.


As stated on the homepage, "The Billiard Archive is a non-profit historical foundation preserving the history of pool, billiards and snooker." Bravo to Michael Shamos for this fantastic resource! This is an enormous contribution to the preservation, education, and historical understanding of the games of billiards and deserves to be enthusiatically applauded with much more than just a tap of the chalk on the cue. Thank you Mr. Shamos for this wonderful addition.