Hugo Patino Captures His 5th US National Title

Hugo Patino Champion 2

In the 24th inning in the final match it was Hugo Patino ahead 36 to 24 in 24. Pedro put together a run of 7 to close the gap to make it 36-31. Hugo answered with 2 points needing only two more but has to sit down after a miss leaving an opening for Pedro but Pedro misses a sensitive ticky shot! Hugo scores one but the tension gets the best of a short angle shot as he misses to close out the match. Pedro plays into a kiss and Hugo finishes capturing his 5th USBA National Championship title.

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Pedro Piedrabuena f1


Harry Pena fa

Tae Kyu Lee f1

Hugo Patino Champion


Hugo Patino 16b

 Final Four

Pedro Piedrabuena on a Quest for His 13th Title

Pedro Piedrabuena



Hugo Patino & Pedro Piedrabuena for the Final Match!!!

Hugo Patino 16

Pedro Piedrabuena 16a


Harry Pena Advances to the Semifinals to Face Hugo Patino

Harry Pena


Semifinal Matches

Hugo Patino vs Harry Pena

Tae Kyu Lee vs Pedro Piedrabuena

Tae Kyu Lee 00

Pedro Piedrabuena 00


The Final Eight Players:

Hugo Patino vs Carlos Mario Villegas

Sang Ho Kim vs Harry Pena

Tae Kyu Lee vs John Park

Jim Semerci vs Pedro Piedrabuena




Jim Semerci

Sang Ho Kim

Tae Kyu Lee


Hugo Patino Leads the Field After the Qualification Rounds

Followed by Pedro Piedrabuena, Tae Kyu Lee, and Miguel Torres

 DF5A8075 Enhanced NR


Raymon Groot in Good Form with a Run of 13 in the Qualifications

DF5A8247 Enhanced NR

DF5A8188 Enhanced NR


DF5A8239 Enhanced NR


DF5A8207 Enhanced NR


IMG 4327


Venue:       The Billiard House

Address:    2549 Yosemite Blvd #B, Modesto, CA 95354

Dates:        April 25 to 28, 2024


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2024 National Qualifiers

Click Here for Information on the 2024 National Qualifiers

Schedule of National Qualifiers

January 26 to 28, 2024      Tacoma, WA         Elks Lodge #174            Link to Info     COMPLETED

January 27, 2024                Milpitas, CA         Jimmy's Billiards            Link to Info    COMPLETED

January 28, 2024                New York             Carom CafĂ© Billiards      Link to Info    COMPLETED

February 3 to 4, 2024         Modesto, CA       The Billiard House         Link to Info    COMPLETED

February 24, 2024              San Francisco      Billiard Palacade           Link to Info    COMPLETED

March 30, 2024                  Lauderhill, FL       Carom Billiards              Link to Info    COMPLETED