Verviers, Belgium – May 21, 2012 – IWAN SIMONIS S.A./Belgium, world leader in the manufacture of billiard cloth, is pleased to announce the acquisition of SALUC S.A./Belgium, world leader in the manufacture of phenolic billiard balls, ARAMITH balls.


Amateur and professional billiard players everywhere love both of these products, and both Simonis cloth and Aramith balls are sanctioned for use in the majority of championship tournaments and by tournament organizers worldwide. The union of these two premier and highly complementary Belgian billiard products, IWAN SIMONIScloth and ARAMITH balls, will bring increased strength and stability to the sport as well as help to increase visibility and elevate the level of play globally.

SIMONIS: Since 1680 - The most specialized textile producer for the truest playing billiard cloth

ARAMITH: Since 1923 - Producer of the most technically perfect billiard balls made from true phenolic resin