Jim Bishop notches a win at Doral

The Doral USBA "B" Tournament held from September 21-23 proved to be a great competitive event. Below we have the final matches and the prize fund.

Final Matches: 

(1st Place) Jim Bishop 30
(2nd Place) Jamil Isreal 29
(3rd Place) Hugo Sanchez 25
(4th Place) Jim Shovak 21
(5th Place) Mercedes Gonzales 25
(6th Place) Marco Lopez 18
(7th Place) Alfonso Torres 25
(8th Place) Bill Johnson 18
(9th Place) Francisco Castano 25
(10th Place) Sergio Hernandez 17
1st Place: $1750 Jim Bishop
2nd Place: $1400 Jamil Isreal
3rd Place: $1100 Hugo Sanchez
4th Place: $800 Jim Shovak
5th Place: $600 Mercedes Gonzales
6th Place: $450 Marcos Lopez
7th Place: $400 Alfonso Torres
8th Place: $350 Bill Johnson
9th Place: $300 Francisco Castano
10th Place: $275 Sergio Hernandez