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USBA Travel Fund Established for Players

A Travel Fund has been established to help offset the cost for USBA players to travel to international tournaments.

USBA Travel Fund Established for Players



The 5-Ball game is played with 5 balls and in rounds. In advance, make an agreement on the number of rounds to play and on an odd number of points per round (e.g. 51, 101, 151 points).

As per the game of Darts, the players play by turns. The player scores and deducts the result from the number of points agreed, and subsequently from the last points obtained. The first player having 0 (not below) wins the round. The next round restarts with the same agreed number of points.

AramithFiveBallSet197X90SCORING - The balls are numbered and the number on the ball represents its value (green ball= 1 point, red ball= 2 points,white ball/yellow ball= 4 points, blue ball= 6 points). The cue ball of the player must hit at least two different
balls (could also be the opponent's cue ball) to score. The values of the hit balls are added, getting the score per shot. The cue ball of the player has no value.

STARTING THE GAME - (see drawing) The balls are put on the table as per below drawing to start the game. The red ball is on the top spot, the blue ball on the middle spot, the green ball on the bottom spot with the white ball on the right and the yellow ball on the left. The players decide by lag who starts the game. The first player plays with the white ball, the opponent with the yellow one. Each player keeps his cue ball throughout the game. To start the game
the player must hit the red ball first. For the next shot the player may choose any ball to hit. In case the start failed, there are no winner points and the balls remain in the same position and the opponent plays.

The score per shot is the sum of the value of the different balls hit by the player's cue ball. If the same ball is hit twice or more by the player's cue ball, the value of the hit ball is only taken once into account. The cue ball of the player has no value.

EXAMPLE: the player plays with the WHITE ball. He hits the RED ball (2) and the YELLOW ball (4). SCORE = 6 points. This is a VALID score that can be deducted from the total of the player.

END OF THE GAME - To win the round the player must reach 0 (not below). If the player makes more points than necessary, the score is not validated and there are no points deducted.

EXAMPLE: a player must make 5 points to reach 0. He hits the BLUE ball (6) and the RED ball (2). SCORE = 8 points. The score is not valid because he has made more points than necessary. The player keeps his 5 remaining points and the opponent plays.

BEWARE OF REMAINING POINTS 1, 2 & 4 AND BALLS OFF TABLE - It is not possible to win a round IF the player's remaining points are 1, 2 or 4 points, because in the next shot he must hit minimum 2 balls. So, the player keeps his  number of points (he does not score) and the opponent plays.

EXAMPLE: a player must make 9 points to reach 0. He hits the YELLOW ball (4) and the GREEN ball (1). SCORE = 5 points. The player still has to make 4 points. By the next shot he cannot reach 0 because it Is not possible to make 4 points by hitting two balls. In this case the player keeps his number of points (9) and the opponent plays.

If a ball falls off the table, the shot is not valid and the ball is put back on its initial spot (see drawing). If that place is blocked by another ball, then the ball is placed on the first available initial spot (sequence to keep: white or yellow, green, blue or red).

For the offiical rules in multiple languages CLICK HERE!

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