It's been a busy past few weeks at the USBA as more National Qualifier Tournaments have swelled the ranks of confirmed players for the May 16 start date of the championship. Attention players in all regions: there's still time to organize a qualifier event! Continue reading to see who are the latest challengers, all who have won paid entry into the national tournament.

Please note: we will update this report with pictures and charts as we receive them. Thanks for your patience.

As Previously Reported

Carom Cafe first qualifier: First Three Winners In National Qualifier Events Are In

US Bida Qualifier: Nationals Host US Billiards Sends Four to Championship 

Latest Completed Events

Date: March 23, 20019

Where: Carom Cafe, Flushing, New York

Winners: Kang Lee, Julian Molina and Tommy Park

Charts: Carom Cafe Prelims and Carom Cafe Finals


Date: March 23, 2019

Where: New Wave Billiards, Miami, Florida

Winner: Victor Cuzzi

Charts: Waiting on tournament director


Date: April 5, 2019

Where:Tacoma Elks, Tacoma, Washington

Winners: Neal Olson and Ertan Tarhan

Charts: No longer available


Date: April 6, 2019

Where: Edgie's Billiards, Milpitas, California

Winner: Allen Castillo

Charts: Waiting on tournament director